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What We’re About: Humor and Pranks


So, yeah, that’s what we’re about.  You could even call us a little evil because we like mean pranks like this one, too.

We try to make your day better by giving you a good laugh.  That’s what life is about: enjoying yourself and having a good time.  Nothing is a better cure than laughter, and that’s what we bring.


The One Type Of Joke that We Love

Physical Humor

This dude got punched by a prankster

We absolutely love this stuff.  This stuff is effective all the way to babies.  Think about it: what do babies laugh at?  They laugh at shaking rattles, peek-a-boos, and people getting hurt.  One of the all time masters of physical humor is Michael Richards.  This guy is an absolute star and he is best known for his role as Kramer in the TV sitcom Seinfeld.  If you’ve never watched it, here’s Kramer’s top ten funniest moments.  This type of comedy resonates through all ages, cultures, and time periods.  It truly is the purest form of comedy and it will forever be loved.This art is usually done by creating noises, exaggerated movements and sometimes even inflicting (or pretending) paid.  This can also include using props such as umbrellas, tables, or dumbbells.   This type of comedy also works well with a partner.

It is thought that the reason people love this is because we have empathy for the actor.  When a person using this type of act does something, the observer puts himself in their shoes.  By feeling what he feels, it becomes a very involved performance and makes for great viewing.

Another great example of this is confetti bombs and mail bombs.  Have you ever seen someone open one of these things up?  The result is absolutely priceless.  They end up with confetti or glitter all over them and it’s just perfect.  Here’s one of the best mail pranks we can find.

Through all of this humor we share great laughs and enjoy life.  Hopefully through your viewing of this site we make your day better.  Have a great day and have a laugh!

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