How Funny Videos Have Taken Over the World

How These Funny Videos Started

Viral Cat Video

At the early stages of the internet world, funny videos are circulated as animated GIFs which are small enough to be quickly uploaded as email attachments or to be embedded on websites. Now ,as the internet is now on the verge of is height, funny videos have circulated at a faster rate than ever before. Big video-hosting sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and others had made it possible to share personal as well as commercial videos all around the world.

Viewing funny videos either on the internet or on the TV has long been the mostly done recreational activity. It is always nice to sit back and watch funny cat videos on your laptop after a stressful day at work. Funny videos are relaxing. They could elevate our moods almost instantly, even, after even having a long bad day. It helps people cope with the stresses of everyday life.


The Psychology Behind Humor

Decades of psychology studies had shown that having a good laugh actually does well on our mind and body. In this modern society, funny videos became tone of the biggest media of achieving that.  By doing this, we are more able to enjoy the nicer things in life like visiting fine restaurants and spending time with our loved ones.

One study looking over healthy adults of age 60 to 70 conducted by the researchers, art Loma Linda University, California made it a well-established fact. In the study, one group was asked to sit and do no physical activity for 20 minutes. The other grouped watched funny videos at the same period of time.

It was found out that when both groups were subjected to memory recall, those on the “humor group” performed significantly well than the non-humor group. Moreover, it is also found out that after watching funny videos, the humor group also showed significantly lower levels of cortisol (also called the stress hormone) than the non-humor group who only sat and done nothing.  By doing this, you can add to your quality of life.  A good way to get rid of this hormone is to order pranks sent in the mail like glitter bombs and confetti bombs.

Most videos that go viral on the internet are in the funny category. Why? Well, they’re humorous. People enjoy seeking humor in their everyday lives. The most viewed video in history is PSY’s Gangnam Style with over 2B views on YouTube as of June 2014. It is a viral video of its own humor and bizarreness.


The Viral Effect of Prank Videos

As we all know, every video has the potential to go completely viral in a very short period of time.  Some people sought to make funny videos for the sake of gaining fame. However, in the effort of making funny videos that goes viral on the internet has been speculated to have caused a rise in violence in some cities in America. FBI Director James Comey had said last October 2015 that viral videos involving officer killings had made violence more prominent and that the increased police attention made the officers less aggressive.

Some viral videos are made un-staged and thus involved actually hurting people. There is a line between a prank and a crime. Some viral video creators make this line overlooked.

The internet has become a powerful tool in the production, distribution and social sharing of funny videos. Funny videos could be a good and a bad thing. However you look at it, it’s a hilarious way to mail a confetti bomb with this type of humor.  Funny videos had taken over the world as people had sought its creation and consumption for the purpose of garnering health benefits of laughing, for gaining fame, and for the sole purpose of individual recreation.

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