Our Love of Humor: Why We Love Pranks

Mail to Your Heart: We Love to Laugh at Pranks

You could make up a completely new book of humor and not have one serious sentence within it. Even though people are laughing all the time, they do not realize that they are laughing much more than they used to. Once you realize that you are enjoying life much more than before, you truly see the power that this world of pranks and gags truly brings to you.

We Laugh at Glitter Bombs and Other Pranks

Glitter Yourself Up With Two Ways to React

When someone treats you badly, you have two ways you can react to it. One response you can have is a negative one. This is like keeping a needle in your shoe. You keep stepping on it, you have a permanent hindrance, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The other way you can think about this is to have a positive response. When you do this, you take control of the situation and truly see the thoughts and ideas of your mind.

Another important point of good humor is to send pranks to people in the mail. By sending these to your friends, you bring a huge amount of love into your relationships.

The body’s reaction to this is quite different than one would think. Your body releases endorphins and makes you feel happy and giddy. This sensation is similar to riding a bike down a hill at forty miles an hour. It gives you an exhilarating feeling and it’s hard to forget. Once you do this in your life, it is nearly impossible to go back. Being a positive person is key to living a great existence.

With that being said, this pretty much covers all that we wanted to cover concerning humor and the human body. By doing this, we know how to act in all sorts of places: restaurants, parties, and even Brooklyn parks and stuff.

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