What’s Your Humor Type? The 4 Types of Humor

What’s Your Humor Type? The 4 Types of Humor

The Four Types of Humor

Around the 3rd century BC, Hippocrates developed the humor theory. Not the kind of humor ,we knew about today, but, long before, the word humor was kind of an ancient medical terminology. In his theory, he described the four temperaments – sanguine (optimistic), choleric (easily irritated), melancholic (quiet), and phlegmatic (calm) – as the four fundamental personality types of a person. He believed that they are directly caused by our four bodily fluids which are the blood, the yellow bile, the black bile, and the phlegm. Weird, right?

Of course, those things aren’t true anymore – Hippocrates’s humor theory is considered as a pseudoscience now. So don’t worry that when you’re more of a relaxed person, you’re not going to be called a big walking phlegm. Humor – which means funniness in our definition today – has also four types. In relation to the original four types of humor, our own version of humor is essentially the same. What is your natural humor type? Find out below

  1. The sanguine type : Affiliate HumorThe people of this type make jokes that are kind of light-hearted and benign. It is a bonding humor as it connects people from other people by dissolving differences and amplifying their similarities. Those who use the affiliate humor are generally cheerful people with the natural ability to connect with people. Affiliate humor is used in everyday life and not at all hurtful in any way. The sanguine types may have a rather bland humor, but are good at uplifting the mood in a variety of situations.

2. The choleric type: Aggressive Humor

Aggressive humor is, well, aggressive. One perfect example of this type of humor is sending mail pranks.  It is usually offensive in a funny way. Aggressive humor could be mocking and is delivered in profane language most of the time. A person using this type usually ridicules and puts down other people. Highly aggressive humor could be hurtful to others and maybe called as insulting or treating.

3. The melancholic type: Self-defeating humor.

The melancholic types are the quiet and analytic types. They are the opposite of those with aggressive humor, as the melancholic types put their own selves down. They criticize themselves in an amusing way. They self-deprecate themselves as a form of their humor. The melancholic types also allow the choleric types into showing aggressive humor towards them. They have the tendency to “go with the flow” and act as if they’re having fun along the way. These types avoid bullies from attacks, making jokes about their self-inability before others could bring them down. A good way to fight these bullies is with practical jokes.  Self-defeating humor could be psychologically unhealthy.

This video goes in depth about this type of humor:


4. The phlegmatic type: Self-enhancing humor

The People of this type make fun of their everyday foolishness. They are laid-back and relaxed. These people don’t mind their inability or the negative things that happen to them. Instead, they laugh at themselves and they make their mistakes a target of humor in a good way. Unlike self-defeating humor, self-enhancing humor looks at one’s incompetency as a result of one’s own environment. The phlegmatic types are good at coping stress since incorporating self-enhancing humor to their daily lives is beneficial during difficult or stressful situations.

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