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07:07 Abraham Afewerki Fqri Kem Xahay Yu
06:06 Abraham Afewerki Kem Zdelenayo Diu
04:51 New Abrham Afewerki
06:57 Abraham Afewerki Tehambele
06:49 Hagos Berhane Sing Abraham Afewerki Song Fikrey
07:08 Teame Gebremichael Sing Abraham Afewerki Song Deki Erey
06:06 Tigrigna Song Hamelmalo By Abraham Gebremedhin
04:24 ተሰፋ ዘለዎ ተወዳዳሪ ትግራይ ኣይዶል Tigray Idol
03:14 New Eritrean Music Issey Afewerki "Abraham" ኣብራሃም
05:51 Chaw Himak Zeben ቻው ሕማቕ ዘበን New Eritrean Music Video Betty Afewerki
04:23 Kuhlay ኩሕላይ New Eritrean Music Betty Afewerki
20:52 Zikri Abrham Afewerki Part 2 In Usa
07:42 New Shocking Interview With President Isayas Afeworki Part 1 Today! Must Watch
06:06 Official Music Video Ethiopian Music Tigrigna Song Abraham Gebremedhin
04:54 Abraham Afwerki Tribute
06:14 Kokeb Semay Abraham Gebremedhin
09:08 Krar Three Of Abraham Afwerki S