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03:46 Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus Metal Cover Feat. Nikki Simmons Drewsif Stalin
03:31 E T Katy Perry Metal Cover Feat. Anup Sastry Drewsif Stalin
04:18 Drewsif Stalin With The Big Junns At Namm
04:05 Dark Horse Katy Perry Cover/Positive Grid Bias Demo Drewsif Stalin
03:13 What Makes You Beautiful One Direction Metal Cover Drewsif Stalin
03:53 Bring Me To Life Evanescence Cover Drewsif Stalin & Nikki Simmons
08:44 Mirage Feat. Nikki Simmons DSME
05:21 Drewsif Stalin S Musical Endeavors Desolate Live UK TECH METAL FEST
03:34 Monkton Guitar Playthrough Feat. Derek Sampson Gear Gods DREWSIF STALIN S MUSICAL ENDEAVORS
04:22 Sound Of Silence Cover W/ Drewsif Disturbed
03:38 Sledgehammer Rihanna Djent Cover BIAS FX Drewsif Stalin Feat. Eric Emery
04:15 Augury Drewsif Stalin S Musical Endeavors
04:48 Aspiration A Feat. Er The Burial Cover Drewsif Stalin
03:14 The Next Episode By Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg Drewsif Stalin
06:05 Chocolate Rain Metal Cover Drewsif Stalin
02:38 Rockstar Post Malone Djent Cover Drewsif
05:04 Ephemeral Intervals Cover Drewsif Stalin