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08:57 Prelude Of Showdown Keiichi Okabe
05:05 Most Epic Music "Dependent Weakling" By Keiichi Okabe & Monaca
06:03 Motivational Stars And Flowers Keiichi Okabe & Kuniyuki Takahashi
05:30 Most Wondrous Battle Music "Destruction" By Keiichi Okabe & Monaca
04:26 Edge Of Spring Keiichi Okabe
6:23:18 Unreleased & Extended High Quality Keiichi Okabe NieR Automata
04:41 Birth Of A Wish Nier Automata Official Soundtrack Keiichi Okabe
07:08 This Silence Is Mine/あなたとscience "This Silence Is Mine" / Chihiro Onitsuka Feat. Keiichi Okabe
07:54 The Tower Dear Nier Automata Feryquitous Remix Keiichi Okabe
03:09 Battle On The Big Bridge Episode Gladiolus Version Final Fantasy XV OST
04:03 The Comrade S Song Gabriel From Drakengard 3 Wondrous Battle Music
07:05 Wretched Weaponry Medium/Dynamic Nier Automata Official Soundtrack Keiichi Okabe
06:40 Keiichi Okabe & Keigo Hoashi 10 United Petals
02:04 Keiichi Okabe & Emi Evans 25 Full Bloom
02:07 Keiichi Okabe & Emi Evans 18 Snow Flower
02:27 Keiichi Okabe 9 2 Stars 2 Flowers
00:20 Keiichi Okabe & Emi Evans 31 Seeds And Flowers