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06:25 Album "Valley Of Decision" Artist "Christafari" Track 01 "Valley Of Decision"
04:10 Album "High Gear" Artist "Whitecross" Track 01 "High Gear"
05:45 Track 01 Unknown Artist
08:00 In My Feelings Drake
03:38 Album "Going Public" Artist "Newsboys" Track 01 "Real Good Thing"
02:41 Mixing Track For Sol Lewitt #31 Of Sentences On Conceptual Art
03:07 01 Track 01 1
08:13 Track 05 Artist
38:08 Mick Guzauski Masterclass On Pop And Funk Mixing Feat. Jamiroquai
1:16:25 Mixing Masterclass With David Tolomei Dirty Projectors Future Islands Beach House
24:50 Track Prep Studio One Mixing Video Series With David Vignola Part 1
8:07:13 8 Hour Study Mix "Trance To Study By All Nighter"
1:37:30 Fatboy Slim British Airways i360 For Cercle