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02:54 "Salve Regina" Gregorian Chant
14:44 Salve Regina A Templar Chant Lyric Video
14:35 Salve Regina Full 14 35 Min Chant Of The Templars
03:21 Salve Regina Gregorian Chant Latin/English Text Lyric Video
01:59 Salve Regina Simple Tone
1:03:29 Complete Holy Rosary In Form Of Gregorian Chants
01:59 Salve Regina Hail Holy Queen
02:01 Salve Regina Chanted Beautiful
17:45 In The Centenary Of Fatima The Eight Most Beautiful Gregorian Chants To The Virgin Mary
03:06 Gregorian Chant Salve Regina
1:07:05 Gregorian Chant The Abbey Of Notre Dame
02:51 Salve Regina Solemn Tone From "The Chants Of Mary" Gregorian Chant
10:00 Salve Regina Chant Of The Templars
03:05 Salve Regina Gregorian Chant Canto Gregoriano
02:08 Salve Regina Chant Grégorien/Gregorian Chant
01:35 Salve Regina Gregorian Chant