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03:04 Lp & Paramore Crush Faint
03:00 Crushcrushfaint Linkin Park & Paramore Mash Up
03:34 Somewhere I Belong Vs Decode Mash Up Linkin Park Vs Paramore
02:43 Linkin Park Feat. Paramore Crush Crush Faint
03:12 Airplanes Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore Official Video B O B
02:40 Paramore Vs Linkin Park Crushcrushcrush/Faint Mashup
02:49 Linkin Park Feat. Kiiara Heavy Official Video
03:00 Crushcrushfaint Original Version Linkin Park & Paramore
04:37 Paramore Hate To See Your Heart Break Feat. Joy Williams Official Video
04:36 Linkin Park Feat. Paramore & Busta Rhymes We Made It Faint Crush
03:10 Paramore Crushcrushcrush Official Video
04:06 Linkin Park Iridescent Official Video
03:36 Paramore Vs Linkin Park Mashup Heavy Business
02:56 Crushcrushfaint Remix Linkin Park Vs Paramore
05:01 Paramore Vs Linkin Park
04:36 Faint Best Remix Linkin Park Feat. Paramore
02:51 Linkin Park Vs Paramore Mashup Still Into Heavy