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04:06 The Two Towers Soundtrack 03 The Riders Of Rohan
07:31 Rohan / Rohirrim Soundtrack Suite LOTR
02:32 Classical Guitar Cover THE LORD OF THE RINGS The Riders Of Rohan
04:14 Rohirrim Charge Hd Blu Ray P
03:49 Lotro Theme For Rohan Violin Cover Taylor Davis
04:55 Clamavi De Profundis The Lament For The Rohirrim
01:48 Rohan The Lord Of The Rings Symphony
04:06 The Riders Of Rohan
03:16 Forth Eorlingas Lord Of The Metal Rings
04:26 Riders Of Rohan David Arkenstone
01:26 Rohan Theme
04:10 03 The Riders Of Rohan The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers Soundtrack
04:25 Riders Of Rohan
02:11 Riders Of Rohan Cover Lord Of The Rings
08:14 The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields LOTR The Return Of The King In Concert