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03:26 Trigun Blue Funk
02:26 Blue Funk Guitar Cover Trigun
08:40 Trigun Ost Knives Permanent Vacation Blue Funk
03:26 Trigun Soundtrack Blue Funk
03:27 Blue Funk Trigun
03:23 Blue Funk Bass Cover Trigun Soundtrack
07:01 Blue Funk X Dont Bother None Trigun X Cowboy Bebop
03:50 Lovely Calamities Trigun Badlands Rumble Ost Tsuneo Imahori
01:04 We Are In A Jam Track 10 Tsuneo Imahori HQ
01:30 Dice For Life Track 16 Tsuneo Imahori HQ
01:22 Don T Take The Last Donut Track 3 Tsuneo Imahori HQ
03:43 Never Could Have Been Worse Nightcore
02:32 Stories To Tell Tsuneo Imahori Trigun
05:27 Rakuen / Paradise I Tsuneo Himahori Trigun Cover
01:36 H T Trigun Opening Theme Guitar Tsuneo Imahori
01:33 Trigun H T