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13:06 Van Halen Eruption Guitar Solo
04:21 Eruption/You Really Got Me Van Halen
01:44 Eruption Eddie Van Halen
10:58 Eruption Guitar Solo Eddie Van Halen
02:27 Eruption Cole Rolland Guitar Cover Van Halen
03:26 &Quot You Really Got Me&Quot Official Music Video Van Halen
02:32 8th Grader Playing Eddie Van Halen' S Eruption Solo
01:35 Eruption Guitar Cover Van Halen
04:25 Eruption And You Really Got Me Live Van Halen
02:05 Edward Van Halen Cover ' Eruption'
06:46 Eruption Best Version Eddie Van Halen
09:19 &Quot Eruption&Quot Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solo Live In Charlotte Nc 9/11/15 Van Halen
17:18 Van Halen Eruption Guitar Lesson Pt 1
05:36 Craziest Eddie Van Halen Solo Ever!
02:12 Eddie Van Halen Eruption Guitar Solo Live Toronto High Quality
02:54 10 Yr Old Playing &Quot Eruption&Quot By Eddie Vanhalen