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02:58 You Wa Shock Full Version Hokuto No Ken
03:08 Ai Wo Torimodose!! Faylan
02:47 Crystal King Ai Wo Torimodose
01:34 Hokuto No Ken Opening With Subs
03:26 You Wa Shock! Crystal King
15:02 Ai Wo Torimodose Hd Hokuto No Ken Extended Music
06:47 Vhs クリスタルキング 愛をとりもどせ!! ユリア 永遠に Mpg
01:33 Jojo S Bizarre Adventure 1st Opening But With Ai Wo Torimodose As The Opening Theme
03:26 Ai Wo Torimodose Avi J LYRICS Crystal King
02:58 Ken Il Guerriero You Wa Shock
02:58 北斗神拳片頭曲 クリスタルキング 愛をとりもどせ!! You Wa Shock Ktv版
03:11 Ai Wo Torimodose!! 愛をとりもどせ!! Vocal Cover HOKUTO NO KEN OP
01:43 Ai Wo Torimodose!! Intense Symphonic Metal Cover Fist Of The North Star / LISA
03:01 Ai Wo Torimodose Guitar Cover Hd Hokuto No Ken
03:23 Kenshiro 北斗の拳 1st Opening Ai Wo Torimodose/You Wa Shock ITA Version
02:42 Josh Barnett Entrance With The Fist Of The North Star Theme